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Awkward Turtle BSC

Meme. NFT Project. Utility.

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The first character
to launch from the


5% $MRI Reflections

Paid automatically to holders - hedge your investment simply by holding.

4% Marketing

Marketing funds are used to grow brand awareness as well as fund exciting partnerships and utility.

5% Auto Liquidity

5% automatically added to the Liquidity Pool ensuring a more stable and tradable token.


Stealth launch

3D NFT Season 1 (inc Airdrop)

30 Day Staking Pool (1.5% of supply)

Rewards Dashboard

500k Market Cap


3D NFT Season 2 (MemeUniverse Edition)

MemeUniverse Farming Pool

MemeUniverse Metaverse

1m Market Cap+

Turtle Tools

Rewards Dashboard

Try our new rewards dashboard. 

Staking Pools

30 Days Locked Staking.


Multi-chain Swap

NFT Collection

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